Friday, August 30, 2013

Red-whiskered Bulbul in Richmond, New South Wales 29/08/13

While taking a short walk around the beautiful heritage areas of Richmond in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, I saw quite a few Red-whiskered Bulbul's in a tree in front of an old unused church.  I luckily had my little camera with me and was quite excited to see something new, especially on a rushed trip to visit family, but disappointed when we got home to find in my bird book that these beautiful Bulbul's are an Introduced species and not a native!  They are still beautiful just the same.

Red-whiskered Bulbul at Richmond, New South Wales

These photos are from my short walk down Windsor Street in Richmond:

The Very Grand  & Heritage Home of the National Parks and Wildlife Service in Richmond, New South Wales.

The sun was beaming down on this angel on this grand grave at the St Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery when I took a walk though it and something about it made it very intriguing. 

Believe it or not, this is a footpath.  It is a beautiful treed path which becomes almost like a green archway and takes you  past St Peter's Anglican Church Cemetery on Windsor Street to Smith Park and Pugh's Lagoon Reserve.

Treed footpath walkway to Smith's Reserve, Windsor Street, Richmond NSW

And last but not least, these photos are from the garden of Nana Gray.  It made me feel very sad to see them flowering so beautifully and she no longer being here to enjoy them.  I watered them for her just before we left to return home.

Nana Gray's Orchid's

Nana Gray's Bromeliad's 


Sunday, August 25, 2013

North Richmond, Blue Mountains, August 2013

We visited North Richmond for two days at the end of August and stayed again at the 
Thompson family property.  I took these few photos early one morning on my point and shoot camera. The trees were full of birds as usual and up to four species of small birds could be seen in one tree at a time.  The weather was warm during the day and where near as cold as our usual winter visits to the Blue Mountains.  J.G.

Birds List from Early Morning Walk around the Thompson family property:

Superb Blue Wren
Double-barred Finch
Red Wattlebird 
Rainbow Lorikeets
Purple Swamp Hen
Eastern Rosella

Pop's Flowering Fruit Trees

Early Morning Hot-air balloon above the trees.

Beautiful early morning views of Pops Farm.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moorhen & Magpie Face-Off

At the end of a great afternoon at Cooby Dam on the Darling Downs, I witnessed a spectacular "face-off" between a juvenile Dusky Moorhen and Magpies over a meal find - the hen stood it's ground and stretched it's body into appearing much larger and was equally as feisty as the magpies.  Eventually the bush-hen retreated with the Magpies winning the meal.  J.G.

N.B. Initially I had labelled the juvenile Dusky Moorhen as a Bush-Hen.  After advice from this blog and bird experts from Eremaea it has been confirmed as a Juvenile Dusky Moorhen. J. 01/02/14