Green Tree Frog at Highfields 06/10/2005

While living at Highfields, South-East Queesland, my young son spotted this "green tree frog" on the wheelie bin at our suburban home.  He was used to me taking photos of everything that moved, so I took this photo for him


  1. I had always presumed that it was a regular "common green tree frog" until looking at it again now in 2011!! I think it is definately not a common green tree-frog and possibly a Dainty Green Tree Frog. See Jarowair our patch Blog for more details. More research on this little frog in our area to be done. Updates to come!.

  2. Gorgeous frog, however I think that it is more likely an Eastern Dwarf Treefrog. Lovely photo, keep up the good work!


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