Osprey Parents at Pottsville, New South Wales, 11th November 2008

While on holidays at the peaceful town of Pottsville, Northern New South Wales, we had noticed a large nesting pole, built for birds of prey nearby.  During the stay we witnessed Osprey coming and going, but on this occasion, I had decided to take some photographs of one of the Osprey perched just below the nest.  While I was taking the photos, the mate of the Osprey arrived with a rather large fish in it's claws and landed in the nest to feed - obviously awaiting babies!!  I managed one photo of the beautiful bird with the fish in is talons.  What great teamwork this pair of of Osprey were.  Really enjoyable sighting.

The Lookout

Incoming - Freshly Delivered Dinner.  One of my Favourite Photos! Judi.

Osprey Pair.


  1. I submitted the Photo of the Osprey with the Fish to the Toowoomba Bird Observer's Club and they published it in their Monthly Newsletter, much to my pleasure. Judi Gray.


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