Powerful Owl Pair at Highfields Falls - August 2010

While going over my Life Bird List today, I discovered that a couple of our most exciting bird sighting were missing from our blog - somehow I don't know how, but I have decided to add them using text from our recordings on the Toowoomba Bird Observers Forum at the time.

This is my best photo of the Powerful Owl Pair in 2010. J Gray.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 01, 2010 8:34 pm    Post subject: 2 x Powerful Owls at Highfields Falls 1st August 2010Reply with quote

Well after the excitment of many observers seeing a powerful owl at Highfields Falls in the last week, we ventured there this afternoon in search of this amazing bird. We were lucky enough to see two that were not far from each other and in the area that was mentioned on the forum. Words can't describe how exciting this sighting was for us, as it was a first for us and has always been big on the "want to see list" for me. Also lovely to meet another fellow bird observer also looking for the powerful owl and were were lucky enough to be able to point both birds out. We took a few photographs of both birds.
What a fabulous day! Couldn't help but think of my late relative David Fleay and the joy that studying these birds brought him throughout his life Smile