Barn Owl - During the Day at Highfields, 23/06/11

Thursday the 23rd of June the children and I were walking to our car that was parked at Highfields, when I noticed a large racket being made by Noisy Minors and Magpies in a nearby large Camphor Laurel Tree. I decided it was too interesting to ignore, so we walked over to take a closer look at what the birds were harassing.  On getting to the tree, it wasn't only Noisy Minors and Magpies, but also Butchebirds, Pied Currawongs, Crows and Blue-Faced Honeyeaters, all bombing something in the thick leaves of the tree.  I was thinking that it possibly was a goanna (lace monitor), but on closer inspection discovered a beautiful Barn Owl trying to rest in the large tree.  The poor thing stood its ground, hardy moving except for on an odd occasion it opened its eyes to glance around at the pesky birds harrasing it while it was trying to sleep.  This is the first Barn Owl that I have seen during the day.  I only had my little camera in my bag, but managed to get a couple of photos when it was looking around.

Barn Owl 23/06/11

Barn Owl with Butcherbird just to the left.