Geham Birdlife, 24/07/2011

A beautiful Sunny Winter's Day at Geham proved spectacular for not only little bird sightings, but also for Wallabys and a Wedge-tailed Eagle Pair.  Many varieties of  Native Wattles were in bloom and absolutely beautiful. 

Bird/Wildlife List @ Geham 24/07/11

Wedge-tailed Eagle Pair
Toresian Crow
Red-Browed Finch
Varied Sitella
Superb-Blue Fairy Wren
Brown Honeyeater
Grey Fantail

Cooby Creek, Geham, - bottom end of Cooby Dam - first time we have seen this area full with water in 11+ years.

"Mother of Millions" Weeds in a paddock at Geham were a beautiful sight and a haven for small birds feeding on the nectar of this magnificent flowering plant.

While Driving we spotted this Beautiful Wedge-tailed Eagle on a low branch, only had the opportunity to take 3 photos... all average quality, no time to focus properly unfortunately.

Almost a good photo of the beautiful Wedge-tailed Eagle at Geham. Its mate was seen soaring above (see below)

Wedge-tailed Eagle, pursued by Crows.

Red-Browed Finch

Female Superb-Blue Wren

Unknown Medium Sized Bird?

Varied Sitella
Brown Honeyeater

Wallaby, enjoying the farmer's Oats Crop at Geham.