Tom Volp Park "Meringandan Lake" 24/07/11

On the late afternoon of the 24th of July we decided to do a quick walk around Meringandan Lake at Tom Volp Park.  I hadn't visited this area for some months and the frost hasn't been kind to the reeds and the grasses around the lake area.  Despite this, many variety of ducks were seen, including the Hardhead, which I haven't seen here before.  The water was very clear at the edge of the lake and Brendon spotted a large Eastern-Long Neck Turtle swimming amongst the reeds.

Quick Bird List For Meringandan Lake 24/07/11

Hardhead Duck's
Wood Duck
Pacific Black Duck
Swamp Hen
Superb-Blue Wren
Eastern Long-Neck Turtle

Winter Time at Meringandan Lake, Tom Volp Park

I loved the reeds in flower on the waters edge.

Hardhead Duck's amongst many other varieties at Meringandan Lake 24/07/11