Koala & juvenile Blue-faced Honeyeaters at Esk 15/01/12

Four Juvenile Blue-faced Honeyaters all lined up perfectly on a branch at Esk, Queensland. (15/01/12 J.G.)

While we were driving to our destination of Mapelton on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, we stopped at Hertrich Place Reserve in the the beautiful mountain side town of Esk, in the West-Moreton region of South East Queensland.  As soon as we pulled up, I noticed these juvenile Blue-faced honeyeater's all lined up perfectly on a branch in a tree nearby.  They were adorable all huddled up together!  Brendon spotted the Koala below instantly.  It was sitting on two small branches in a rather obvious spot of the tree.  The Koala looked healthy and in good condition. 

Koala at Esk,  high in a gum tree (15/01/12 J.G.)

I took this photo to show how much this Koala stood out in the Gum Tree.  Often they are well hidden, but not on this day.  Brendon spotted it as soon as we pulled up.

On the way back home again, we again stopped at Hertrich Place Reserve and spotted another Koala (possibly the same one) in a different tree nearby.  J.G.


  1. When I read 'Esk', I can only think of the Kransky Sisters! lol

  2. @Brenton - :) The comedy trio The Kransky Sisters claim to be from Esk, Queensland before every show apparently!! For others who don't know, Esk is a town in the West Moreton region of South East Queensland, approximately 90km northwest of Ipswich on the Brisbane Valley Highway. It was named after the River Esk in Scotland and England. Judi


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