Mapelton Falls National Park 16/01/11

We ventured off optimistically to the Mapelton Falls National Park, despite the heavy rain.  We went and purchased some plastic rain coats prior to the walk, thank goodness!  We had heard what a magnificent view it was from the Mapelton Falls Lookout, we were able to see somewhat to the valley below, but not far in the distance at all.   We decided on doing the Wompoo circuit — 1.3km as this was achievable with the children and with my recent recovery from pneumonia.  This circuit track winds through rainforest and eucalypt forest. Wayside signs provide information about features. The Peregrine Lookout apparently provides an excellent view of the Obi Obi Valley and often of nearby nesting Peregrine Falcon's... but not on the day we visited!  Bird life was unnoticeable and only the sound of heavy rain could be heard.  Brendon did spot one little bird, sheltering from the rain under some large leaves (see pic below).  

Mapelton Falls Lookout

The drenched bush-walker's!

The one lone little bird that we saw, sheltering from the rain at the Mapelton Falls National Park.

More information on Mapelton Falls National Park HERE


  1. Looks great! Love the guy in the shelter. Wonder what he is?


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