Mapelton Lily Ponds in the Rain, 15/01/12

Mapelton Lily Ponds - Late Afternoon 15.01.12 J.G.
Our visit to Mapelton in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland was met with constant rain, so there are not many phototgraphs from this trip and limited bird sightings to say the least!  Here are a few photos from the Mapelton Lily Ponds.  These ponds were once a swamp land that had been littered with rubbish, until being "rejuvenated" by a local family.  {Click HERE for a local news article with more info on the revamping of the Lilyponds}

{Mapleton, which was settled in 1888, is the most northern of the villages on the Blackall Range, and the first one you come through when coming from Nambour. The area is renowned for its forests, walks and views. The Mapleton Falls have a sheer drop of 120m, and the viewing platform opens up a magnificent vista of the Mary Valley. Mapleton Falls National park is home to rare native flora and fauna with walks through breathtaking eucalypt forest and rainforest.}

Australiasian Little Grebe

Small Bird/Animal List from the Lilyponds visit:

Dusky Moorhen
Purple Swamphen
Pacific Black Duck
Australasian Little Grebe
Unknown Large Duck (see pics)
Rainbow Lorikeets
Pee Wee (Magpie Lark)
Laughing Kookaburra
Noisy Minor
Australian King Parrot
Eastern Whipbird.  (This bird was right outside our cabin, although I was not quick enough with the camera!)
EasternYellow Robin
White-headed Pigeon
Bush Turkey
Australian Magpie
Red-Triangle Slug (pictures to come in future post)


Beautiful Flowering Plant in the Lily Ponds Gardens
Another Flowering Beauty at the Lily Ponds, Mapelton.

The Kids had a great time on the huge flying-fox at the Lily Ponds Park, Mapelton.