The Kookaburra and the Goldfish (Upper Coomera) 09/02/12

This Post and Photographs from L. Nielsen at Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia.

"Yesterday I was excited that the kookaburra's are back at Upper Coomera, and was taking picks of one. 
Then about half an hour later I heard a strange sound and went out to inspect. The kookaburra had
obviously got a fish from our pond and was killing it by flicking it from side to side on the ground and then flew to our garden fence where I was luckily enough to capture a few picks. Rest in peace poor gold fish!"

Kookaburra at Upper Coomera, Qld
Kookaburra with the largest Goldfish from the Pond.
The "Stunning of the Fish"

That wasn't the end of the Kookaburra Saga...

"The next part of the fish and bird sarga is that after I had taken the photos and left, the Kookaburra must have dropped the fish in between our old fence and the bonsai garden fence and then got stuck in between the fences, trying to get the fish!!!  I discovered the kookaburra the next day and had to rescue him!"  L Nielsen.

{Pleased to report the Kookaburra survived fine and was able to fly off into a tree, but possibly won't be fishing from this pond again in the near future!}

Thanks to L Nielsen for this post and pictures!