White Water-Birds Galore at Lake Apex, Gatton, 19/02/12

After going for a scenic drive through Flagstone Creek and then on to Grantham, we arrived at our destination of Lake Apex Park/Nature Reserve at Gatton, Qld.  While it was a very hot day and we visited in the middle of the day, there were still plenty of beautiful birds to be seen.  Our Bird List from Lake Apex today is as follows:

  • Dusky Moorhen (= juvenilles)
  • Purple Swamphen
  • Pacific Black Duck
  • Wood Duck
  • Domestic Ducks
  • Cattle Egret
  • Great Egret
  • Little Egret
  • Welcome Swallow
  • Black-faced Cuckoo Shrike
  • Common Myna
  • Noisy Miner
  • Crested Pigeon
  • Willie Wagtail
  • Little Pied Cormorant
  • White-faced Heron
  • Little Black Cormorant
  • Pee Wee (Mud Lark)
  • Shining Bronze Cuckoo *
  • Eastern Water Dragon
  • Eastern Long-Necked Turtle
  • Common Crow Butterfly
  • Orchard Swallowtail Butterfly

Dusky Moorhen with White Ibis in the Background

Little Black Cormorant

Little Pied Cormorant

Great Egret

Little Egrets


Beautiful Dragonfly

Lake Apex at Gatton, 19/02/12

Clumsy Little Egrets


Shining Bronze Cuckoo (*Newbie List 2012)

Beautiful Shining Bronze Cuckoo at Lake Apex, Gatton

Common Crow Butterfly

"Lights On The Hill" Truck & Coach Drivers Memorial at Lake Apex

Little Black Cormorant that arose from the water with a twig.

Flying off with is underwater-twig

Eastern Long-Necked Turtles were plentiful at Lake Apex

Yes i know its a domestic, but what a good looking one it is!

Pacific Black Duck

More Domestics

unsure on these two in the middle of the Ibis'