Field Trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 27/04/12

On Friday, I was a volunteer assistant for a School Field Trip to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.  A rainy day was still enjoyed by all of the students with plenty of beautiful Australian Wildlife to see.  My group of 5 students all decided unanamously that the Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo was their favourite animal of the day, I would have to admit it, along with the Tasmanian Golden Possum were my personal favourites as well.  J.G.

Tasmanian Golden Possum at Currumin Wildlife Sanctuary

Tasmanian Golden Possum at Currumin Wildlife Sanctuary

Goodfellow's Tree-Kangaroo from Indonesia at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Goodfellow's Tree-Kangaroo

Nest of the Satin Bowerbird at Currumin Wildlife Sanctuary



Tasmanian Devil



  1. Tree-Kangaroo is one of my favorite animals. It is excellent climber and jumper. Matschie's tree kangaroos are fairly solitary animals. It is really delightful to see all pictures and it go back to my memory when It was my hobby to collect such type of animal or birds photos.

  2. They were the highlight of the day! I could have stayed and jusg watched them. All the kids agreed that the Goodfellows Tree Kangaroo was their favorite animal of the day!! Thanks for your comment.

  3. When my kids are going to watch Zoo they feel very happy to see Tree-Kangaroo jumping and climbing on the trees and big rock mountains.They also collect pics of all the funniest moves done by Kangaroo and Fig parrot.It is my pleasure to get more knowledge about this animal from your blog. Online Marketing Sunshine Coast


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