Great Barred-frog @ Highfields Falls at Night.

We had a very rare night without the kids recently so decided to take the torches to Highfields falls in search of Gliders and Owls.  While it was a beautiful still night we had no luck spotting anything much, besides one Brushtailed-possum coming out of a hollow and this Great-Barred Frog.  We should have just stayed at our patch to see gliders and owls!!

First sighting of a great-barred frog though!  I didn't take the camera with us on this walk so these pics were taken on my phone.  Although I have saved them in the right way, blogger doesn't want to let me change the layout - so you'll have to turn your head!


  1. Pretty decent shots with a phone. It's great to see frogs about after years of drought. Even better if you can ID them!

  2. Thanks Russell, It was a gorgeous frog! Brendon was pretty sure of its id straight away but we checked it out in the book when we got home. We are pretty new to identifying frogs and have had to call on the talents of Rod Hobson many times to help us with identification of frogs at our patch. The frogs are plentiful at our patch at the moment, but well hidden!!


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