Wedge-tailed Eagle's Nest from a Distance 17/04/12

A few years ago, Brendon spotted this Huge Nest which we presume is a Wedge-tailed Eagle's Nest from a far distance from the road in Woolmer area. We have seen the Wedge-Tailed Eagle Pair soaring above the nest numerous times and often in this area.  As they travel large distances, we have wondered if this is the pair that often vist the skies above our patch.  The nest is located on private property and a fair distance from the road.  This pic is taken from the road late afternoon when I actually had my camera with the long lense with me.  J.G.


  1. Looks very interesting. Worth keeping an eye on. Hope they go safely as it can be seen from the roadside.

  2. It is a fair distance from the road, and in fairly thick treed area. Often, even when I am driving by and I know where it is, I can find it hard to see, so hopefully others just drive past it as well without noticing it!! last week I saw four Wedgetailed Eagles soaring above nearby, I imagine two being their young. I have only ever seen three together before.


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