Little Koala at Loveday Cove on Mothers Day 2012

What more could you want.... I spotted this beautiful young Koala on Mother's Day while walking around Loveday Cove at Cooby Dam...


  1. Wow! Love these photos. The middle one is superb. I think the leaf over the nose is fantastic and what a cool expression. What a great find for mother's day.

  2. Thank you Russell! Yes it was a great find, although he was easily spotted and to me, stood out as he was fairly low in the tree and on a small branch, however not so obvious to others. I watched other visitors to the park and fishermen walk right underneath the tree not even noticing his existance under 3 metres above! I love that!! I find it funny what amazing sights many don't notice! The joys of being a wildlife lover! This little koala looked very healthy and I would think he wouldn't have been long on his own. He was still rather small compared to the ones we usually see.


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