Spoonbills and Swans at Mungineen 05/06/12

These two spoonbills looked a fantastic sight at Mungineen overlooking a private dam on 5th june 2012. I am labeling them Royal Spoonbills, however the one one the top left looked more like a yellow spoonbill and the one on the right had the dark bill looking like a Royal Spoonill. Two black swans were also noted on the waters edge on this freezing windy day! J.G.

a closer picture of the spoonbill from the above picture in the top left hand side. it looks more like a yellow spoonbill to me... thoughts?

this is a closer picture of the spoonbill that was perched on the right.


  1. Hi Judi,
    One of my field guides mentions black lace-like plumes on inner secondaries(Royal has no black)which can just be seen at the rear and it has a lightly coloured bill. Probable Yellow-billed. Did you get a better look through binos? Cheers,John.

  2. Thanks so much John. I didn't get a look through the binoculars, only the camera, It was an absolutely freezing day and this is as close as I got!! Thanks for the ID Help its much appreciated. Judi.


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