Unfortunate Darter Caught in discarded Fishing Line 15/07/12

While Birdwatching at Cressbrook Dam (South East Queensland) today, we were saddened to witness this unfortunate Darter that was hanging by fishing line around its neck, from a tree overlooking the water.  Another Darter was perched in the tree above the dead one.  It was a very sad sight and I am posting the pictures to highlight the damage that discarded fishing line can cause.
J & B.

A very sad sight and a horrible death for this unfortunate Darter caught up in discarded fishing line at Cressbrook Dam 15/07/12.


  1. A really terrible thing. I wish the fishing line could be traced. How did the fishing line get into the tree? There should be very serious fines for such rednecks that discard it.

    1. Yes it was a very sad discovery. The tree is very high, I wondered if the bird had gotten caught up in the line in the water possibly, then maybe went to this popular perching tree and the line got caught up in the branch? It's hard to know, but the tree branch it was hanging from was very high above the water level, the dam is still at high capacity levels so it couldn't have happened in the flooding?


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