Nankeen Night Heron's & Red Wattle Birds in Fremantle City Centre 24/09/12

We spent some time visiting the beautiful city of Fremantle while on our Western Australia Trip.  On the first day we visited the city, we parked our car under a shady tree in front of The Esplanade Park.  Brendon noticed the Nankeen Night Herons in the tree above our car as soon as he was out of the car.  There were many perched among the very old trees in this beautiful area.  These were the highlight of this little park, along with a Red-Wattle Bird that we also saw.   On returning to our car at the end of the day, if we has not noticed the heron's previously, their location would have been very evident by the "messages" left all over the car!   B & J

Nankeen Night Heron at Esplanade Park, Fremantle

Female Nankeen Night Heron - Fremantle, WA

Red Wattle Bird - Fremantle

The Nankeen Night Heron's parting gift to us :)