Stunning Splendid Wrens - Woodman Point, Western Australia 19/09/12

Our Trip to Western Australia was based from Woodman Point, just south of Fremantle.  The location is absolutley beautiful and the Woodman Point Nature Reserve is the home to many beautiful bird and reptile species.  The Woodman Point Reserve is apparently the smallest National Park in Australia and was issued this title because of the large amount of rare Rottnest Cypress Trees.
The remnant bushland and dry woodland scrub make the location perfect for small birds.  Wildflowers are prolific and the Wattle trees were in bloom also during our visit.  The Australian Ringnecks were prominent and such a delight to see. The Splendid Wrens were breathtaking and we thoroughly enjoyed watching them dart in and out of the remnant scrub.  The Singing Honeyeaters were also very commonly seen along with the Red Wattlebird.

Bird List from Woodman Point, Sept 2012

Silver Gull
Crested Tern
Australian Pelican
Pacific Black Duck
Australian Ringneck
White-cheeked Honeyeater
Singing Honeyeater
Red Wattlebird
Rainbow Lorikeet
Splendid Fairy Wren (Male & Female)
Striated Pardalote
Willie Wagtail
Fan-tailed Cuckoo
Laughing Turtle Dove
Crested Pigeon
Australian Raven (Crow)
Australian Magpie (Race hypoleuca)
Little Corella

White-cheeked Honeyeater at Woodman Point, W.A, 25th Sept 2012

Singing Honeyeater at Woodman Point, W.A, 28th Sept 2012
Fan-tailed Cuckoo at Woodman Point, WA, 28th Sep 2012

Flowering Purple Native Peas were stunning at Woodman Point, WA
Male Splendid Wren at Woodman Point, WA 28th September 2012

Male & Female Splendid Wrens at Woodman Point, WA

Laughing Turtle Doves, Woodman Point, WA

Woodman Point Lighthouse, WA
 {The Woodman Point Lighthouse was built in 1902 from local limestone, is (9.8m) high}

Red Wattlebird at Woodman Point, W.A, 25th September 2012

Red Wattlebird, not the best picture, but the best one I took.  There will be a better one in Brendon's photos to come.

Australian Magpie - WA Race, Woodman Point, W.A, 28th Sept 2012

Australian Magpie (Race Hypoleuca) a little different from the ones in Qld.
Wildflowers on the Beach at Woodman Point Jetty.
Silver Gull Prints in the sand at Woodman Point
Silver Gulls at Woodman Point Jetty, WA
Woodman Point Reserve, Old Railway Line and Remnant Scrub with Flowering Wattles... I loved this! J.G.

Australian Ringneck, Woodman Point, WA. 
We did see these beautiful parrots in the wild in most areas we visited in WA also.


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