Crows Nest Falls - Anzac Day 2013

After the Anzac Day March, we headed to Crows Nest Falls for a family picnic and bush-walk.  The weather was beautiful and while we did have some bird sightings that included red-backed fairy wrens, they were few and far between... possibly due to the walking tracks resembling grand central station.. and us having two noisy children in tow!  We haven't been to the falls for a few years now, and when I checked my blog, I couldn't find a previous post, but then remembered that it was the trip in which we forgot the good birding camera!  That trip years ago we saw numerous birds including the scarlet honeyeater, but it wasn't on show today.   I haven't taken many scenery pics to share this visit due to only carrying the long lens - the pack horse can only carry so much...
All in all a lovely way to enjoy Anzac Day 2013

J & B

Striated Pardalote

Large sharp rocks above the falls.

Grey Fantail

Yellow-faced Honeyater

Lone Blue Murdannia Wildflower

Scrappy Scrub-Turkey

Scrub Turkey displaying it's large wings.

Creek above the falls.

Beautiful Striated Pardalote

I loved these "maidenhair ferns" overhanging the creek.


This treecreeper went into this hollow - perhaps to look for insects?


  1. Enjoyed your post Judi. The pardalote images are stunning. Well done!

    1. Thanks John, The Falls is always a good local day out. The Pardalote was a lucky shot as it landed closeby me for long enough for me to take its photo at close range.


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