Local Tourism Signage at it's best in Inglewood.

While on the way home from our camping trip to Texas, we stopped in to buy some lunch at the  immaculate town of Inglewood in Queensland.  We went to eat our lunch at the Inglewood Park on the Cunningham Highway, it is located just before you cross the magnificent McIntyre Brook.  The park was well kept with facilities for caravaner,s but I was mostly impressed with the stunning sign for tourists located on the highway side.  This massive sign showed a map of the travel routes to all of the country towns in the area with images and information on free things to do and see in each town or area, along with history, facilities information, clear images and much more.  I thought it was an ingenious idea and perfect for those travelling through towns where it can be hard to know about the local "free attractions".  I wish other local towns would take a leaf from Inglewood's Tourism Book and realize that they too have attractions that people are interested in seeing and it may just encourage them to stop in your town, rather than pass right through.  The park was located adjacent to the Tobacco Museum, which was shut on the day we visited due to the holidays, but there were old railway stations and heritage machinery to view in the grounds.

Inglewood & Surrounding Towns Tourism Guide Sign






Beautiful Flowering Trees in Inglewood Park

Australian Tobacco Museum "The Golden Leaf" Inglewood, Qld

The Golden Leaf is the only registered tobacco museum in Australia and is located adjacent to the Inglewood Park on the corner of the Cunningham Highway and Brook Street, Inglewood.

Heritage Patent on Machinery at Inglewood Tobacco Museum (The colours are just beautiful)

I had to take a picture of this one because of the naming - not the building!

Oman-ama Building from the local area of Oman-ama


  1. I'd love to see standardised high quality info, although different states have different standards for tourist information signage! The Tobacco museum sounds bizarre, but fascinating!! I'll add it to my list ...

    1. Thanks Red For your comment. I haven't travelled a great deal but to me this signage was fabulous. Nothing like it in other rural towns around the Darling Downs that I have seen. Re the tobacco museum, there are old tobacco huts scattered around the area on private propertys that you can see from a distance and they would photograph very nicely also.


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