It's Time that We All Spoke for the Koala's!

By now, many of you will have seen the horrific 7.30 report about Koalas being injured and killed daily in American Owned "Australian Blue Gum Plantations" in Australia.  View the sad report here:

Wildlife Victoria have put together an online petition - Please take the time to sign it. 

As exposed on ABC’s 7:30 Report on Monday 22nd July, koalas in south-west Victoria and South Australia are falling victim to the practices of the forestry industry.
Concerned whistle blowers who work within the logging industry are concerned and upset at regularly finding dead and injured koalas during the harvest of forests. Koalas are being found with broken limbs, impact wounds, broken backs and severed arms. Dead mothers have also been found with live joeys.
There needs to be a management plan introduced NOW by foresters to ensure koala’s are not left victims of harvesting. Watch the ABC's 7.30 report on how dire the situation is.
YOU CAN GIVE THE KOALAS A VOICE BY SIGNING THIS PETITION. The more names we can gather to support this iconic Australian animal, the more chance we’ll have to change the situation forever. PLEASE SHARE FAR AND WIDE.
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Thank you!


  1. That's beyond horrific. Koalas are a protected species -- how can they get away with it?

    Petition signed and shared.

    1. Thankyou Vicki for signing the petition, it is much appreciated. xx


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