Kayaking on Cooby Creek, Geham 20th July 2013

On a very rare occasion we had the afternoon to ourselves and decided to take the kayak's out for a cruise along Cooby Creek at Geham.  Getting the kayak's down the steep creek bank and into the deep waters edge was a bit of a challenge, filled with plenty of humour!  While the winter weather was a little cool, the environment was beautiful and cruising around the bends of the creek was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. I took my little point'n'shoot camera to take a few photos of the location.  After kayaking around a few bends, I found myself following a group of Australisian Little Grebe's and could see Superb Blue Wren's darting around the sides of the creek bed in the thick grasses and shrubs.  After turning around to head back to the ute, I was thrilled to see an Azure Kingfisher land on a branch right infront of my kayak.  I stopped and watched this beautiful bird for some time, darting in and out of the water catching tiny little fish - it was a beautiful sight.  J.

The Ute with the Kayak's on top.

At the Bridge where we entered the creek.

View from my kayak

Azure Kingfisher at Cooby Creek, Geham

Beautiful Winter Bush Wattles


  1. Kayaking down the creek... I'm so jealous. :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Vicki - while the weather was cool, it was a lovely experience.


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