Moorhen & Magpie Face-Off

At the end of a great afternoon at Cooby Dam on the Darling Downs, I witnessed a spectacular "face-off" between a juvenile Dusky Moorhen and Magpies over a meal find - the hen stood it's ground and stretched it's body into appearing much larger and was equally as feisty as the magpies.  Eventually the bush-hen retreated with the Magpies winning the meal.  J.G.

N.B. Initially I had labelled the juvenile Dusky Moorhen as a Bush-Hen.  After advice from this blog and bird experts from Eremaea it has been confirmed as a Juvenile Dusky Moorhen. J. 01/02/14


  1. Wonderful action pictures! Actually I thought bush-hens were bigger than Australian Magpies but obviously not. Nobody should mess with an Aussie Maggie.

    1. Thanks Russell for your comment - The bush hens are taller than magpies I think, however they were no match for them on this occasion! I was rather amusing to watch.

  2. Magpies: 1
    Bush-hens: 0

    Love it. Great capture.

  3. HAhaha! Who'd argue with a magpie's beak??!!

  4. Hi Judi, some nice action shots there. I think the Bush Hens may be Dusky Moorhens - white under tail, large size. Bush-hens are much smaller and usually very shy.


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