Spring Baby Birds & a Bunny in Highfields!

Just a couple of photos that I have taken over the last month, on my little point 'n' shoot camera that I keep in my handbag.

Baby Plover's "Masked Lapwings" at Highfields

Baby plovers at Highfields, three babies this year, last year the same pair of plovers had two babies which we watched daily, until their sad demise.  These ones we also watched daily and would stop on our drive by to watch these cute little ones.. until the day the council mowed this block of land - hopefully the birds moved on, but we didn't see them again after this.

Baby Wood Ducks at Kleinton
We have enjoyed thoroughly watching these nine baby wood ducks at our neighbours property over the last few weeks - last slighting there was still nine!  Fingers crossed the carpet pythons and one neighbours wandering cat stay away from these little cuties.  The parents do such a wonderful job of protecting their young - it must be hard work looking after nine feathered ones.

Baby Bunny at Highfields
I spotted this baby bunny at Highfields while driving home one day in the last two weeks. I had to stop and turn around to check I had seen correctly - sure enough a dusty grey rabbit by the roadside eating the grasses under some wild daisy bushes.  We stopped the car and the kids and i watched him for ages - very cute although I know they are a pest animal.  We saw him again in the same location the next day but haven't seen him again.  We have had many sightings of rabbits in the area over the last few years, although they aren't apparently here!!  This confirms that this spring baby is not a hare but indeed a rabbit.



  1. Cute! Those wood ducks certainly have impressive parenting skills.

    1. yes they certainly are! I hope these ones make it though!


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