New Years Day 2014 at Glen Rock Regional Park

Blackfellow Creek, Glen Rock Regional Park, East Haldon, South East Queensland, 01/01/14

Glen Rock Regional Park is a State Forest located at East Haldon, in the Lockyer Valley, South-East Queensland.  Currently access is only by 4wd as the roadways are still extensively damaged following the January 2011 floods.

The Glen Rock State Forest is a working cattle property and some good-looking brahman cattle greeted us at the gates entry.
Glen Rock State Forest Entrance Sign 01/01/14

Gorgeous looking brahaman calves at the entrance to Glen Rock Regional Park 01/01/14

01/01/14 Glen Rock Regional Park.

An information centre is on-site with a wealth of charts supplying information about the history of the park and its current wildlife inhabitants which includes rare New Holland Mouse (which 30 years ago was thought to be extinct).  Glen Rock is one of the three locations in which this rare native mouse can be found.

Visitor Information Centre at Glen Rock Regional Park

Visitor Information Center at Glen Rock Regional Park

Entrance to Picnic Area at Glen Rock Regional Park 01/01/14

Camping is available at Glen Rock Regional Park, however we only visited for the day an enjoyed the scenic covered picnic areas amongst the native gardens.

Looking towards Glen Rock (standing in black-fellows creek bed)

Glen Rock Regional Park - 01/01/14

The extensive damage to blackfellows creek from the recent floods was still very evident with a wide dry creek span of river rocks and debris.

Signage about Standtone Formations at Glen Rock Regional Park

There was plenty of bird life at the park and along the way to enjoy.  There are many scenic creek crossings to go through before you reach the park, many with bird life.

Royal Spoonbills and a Australian White Ibis at a river crossing at Glen Rock Regional Park

Crimson Rosella at Glen Rock Regional Park 

Brown Pigeon at Glen Rock Regional Park

BIRD LIST - Glen Rock Regional Park - New Year's Day 2014

  1. Plumed Whistling-DuckDendrocygna eytoni  
  2. Pacific Black DuckAnas superciliosa 
  3. Grey TealAnas gracilis  
  4. Brown QuailCoturnix ypsilophora  
  5. Australasian GrebeTachybaptus novaehollandiae  
  6. Little Pied CormorantPhalacrocorax melanoleucos  
  7. Australian PelicanPelecanus conspicillatus  
  8. White-necked HeronArdea pacifica  
  9. Intermediate EgretMesophoyx intermedia  
  10. White-faced HeronEgretta novaehollandiae  
  11. Cattle EgretBubulcus ibis  
  12. Australian White IbisThreskiornis moluccus  
  13. Straw-necked IbisThreskiornis spinicollis  
  14. Royal SpoonbillPlatalea regia  
  15. Black KiteMilvus migrans  
  16. Whistling KiteHaliastur sphenurus2Photographed
  17. Dusky MoorhenGallinula tenebrosa  
  18. Black-winged StiltHimantopus leucocephalus  
  19. Masked LapwingVanellus miles  
  20. Red-kneed DotterelErythrogonys cinctus  
  21. Brown Cuckoo-DoveMacropygia phasianella
  22. Common BronzewingPhaps chalcoptera  
  23. Crested PigeonOcyphaps lophotes  
  24. Peaceful DoveGeopelia placida  
  25. Pheasant CoucalCentropus phasianinus  
  26. Laughing KookaburraDacelo novaeguineae  
  27. Sacred KingfisherTodiramphus sanctus  
  28. Rainbow Bee-eaterMerops ornatus
  29. DollarbirdEurystomus orientalis  
  30. Nankeen KestrelFalco cenchroides  
  31. Australian HobbyFalco longipennis  
  32. GalahEolophus roseicapilla  
  33. Crimson RosellaPlatycercus elegans
  34. Pale-headed RosellaPlatycercus adscitus   
  35. Noisy MinerManorina melanocephala  
  36. Noisy FriarbirdPhilemon corniculatus  
  37. Grey-crowned BabblerPomatostomus temporalis
  38. Grey ButcherbirdCracticus torquatus  
  39. Pied ButcherbirdCracticus nigrogularis  
  40. Australian MagpieGymnorhina tibicen  
  41. Black-faced CuckooshrikeCoracina novaehollandiae  
  42. Willie-wagtailRhipidura leucophrys  
  43. Magpie-larkGrallina cyanoleuca  
  44. Torresian CrowCorvus orru  
  45. Welcome SwallowHirundo neoxena  
  46. Common MynaAcridotheres tristis  
  47. Red-browed FinchNeochmia temporalis  
  48. Double-barred FinchTaeniopygia bichenovii 

White Faced Heron

White-necked Heron

Common Blue Dragonfly

Meadow Argus Butterflies at Glen Rock Regional Park

Black Winged Stilt, Red-kneed Dotterel, Grey Teal Ducks and a Plumed Whistling Duck in the one photo at Blackfellows Creek, Glen Rock Regional Park.

Red-kneed Dotterel's at Glen Rock Regional Park 01/01/14 - the first bird for my newbie list for 2014!

Black Winged Stilts

Whistling Kite (1 of 2 seen and photographed)

Flax Lily Berries at Glen Rock Regional Park

Flax Lily Berries

Flax Lily Flowers at Glen Rock Regional Park

Yellow Pea Flowers at Glen Rock Regional Park

Burying Mantid in Blackfellow Creek

Peaceful Dove at Glen Rock Regional Park

White Faced Heron

We went for quite a few walks along Blackfellow Creek at Glen Rock Regional Park and saw many birds in the trees and the water.  We were overwhelmed with the amount of tiny (abt 1cm long) juvenille Cane-toads there were on the waters edge!  There were so many it was impossible to count them or to remove them all.  These photos of the baby cane-toads were taken by our 10 year old on her little camera.

Juvenile Cane Toads at Blackfellow Creek, Glen Rock Regional Park 01/01/14

Juvenille Cane Toad at Blackfellow Creek, East Haldon, Glen Rock Regional Park 01/01/14

Pheasant Coucal on the Road near Glen Rock Regional Park

Hope 2014 is an enjoyable year for you all.

 J & B.

We spotted an large amount of Black Kites feeding in this freshly slashed paddock near glen rock on the way home.

lastly... I had to add this image of this handsome Brahman Bull at the gates of Glen Rock Regional Park. He was quite good-looking for a bull and I think he knew it too!  Happy New Year!

Handsome looking Brahman bull, overseeing our entrance to the Glen Rock Regional Park on New Year's Day 2014


  1. Wow! What wonderful landscapes and super bird list. Love the cattle, plants and insects too. Have a great 2014, Judith. You're off to the right start.

    1. Thanks Russell for your lovely comments - it was a great day out - Happy New Year. Judi.

  2. Judith,

    I would like to thank you for your lovely photos. My parents owned Glenrock and I grew up there. They sold the property and we moved to Toowoomba around 1956. You photos have bought back some very fond memories of being a child in that wild and isolated (then) place.


    1. Hi Laurie,
      Thanks for your lovely comments and for sharing your story. What a lovely place it must have been to grow up. We really enjoyed visiting it for the day and I am glad that you enjoyed my photos. Thanks again for letting me know the connection. Kind Regards, Judi.


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