Osprey at Coomera Lake 05/01/14

Coomera Lake is a large man-made recreational rowing facility adjacent to the beautiful Coomera River between Oxenford and Upper Coomera on the Gold Coast.  The lake is surrounded by a winding walking/cycling path and the edges of the park adjoining the river has thick native vegetation.  Little birds are often seen in the trees and often many types of water birds inhabit the waters.  On this short visit it was particularly windy and mid-afternoon, so I didn't see any waterbirds or ducks, however, as I had hoped, one of the resident Ospreys was in it's usual resting spot high in a dead gum tree overlooking the lake.  I have seen the Ospreys here and with nests and babies over the last few years at different visits.  The lake has plenty of large fish jumping out of the water regularly, so it would (along with the Coomera river) be a good food source for these beautiful birds of prey. It is good to see that they are surviving well in this small habitat in the middle of suburbia.


Osprey at Coomera Lake 05/01/14 - photo taken from quite a distance away.

Coomera Lake, Oxenford, Gold Coast, Queensland.

Kites of the non-feathered variety at Coomera Lake.


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    1. Thankyou - the Osprey was hard to capture because of the thick trees surrounding the tree it was in - so I had to move a far way back. They are always a great sight to see.


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