Texas landscapes, Easter 2014

We returned to Texas for Easter this year and camped for a few nights on the NSW side with family and friends.  We stayed on the same private property as last year (see 2013's Texas post here) which was secluded and the Dumaresq river was easy to access.  The water in the river was much lower than we expected after the recent rain and compared to previous years, however water from the river is pumped from for neighbouring farms.  The bird life was markedly reduced from previous visits and I didn't seem to take as many photos of birds,so I spent some time walking around the property taking images of old buildings and landscapes.

Our brother-in-law visited the area and camped with friends a few weeks prior and they reported seeing the platypus again further up-stream, however it eluded us again this trip, despite my efforts of getting up in the freezing cold before sunrise.  We were shown some amazing photos taken from the trip a few weeks prior of a Death Adder and also of a Red-bellied Black Snake basking on a log in the water - they were amazing images.

The weather was cool, but the days were really nice and it was great relaxing time with family spent fishing, walking, talking, eating and catching up. We were really pleased to be invited back to this beautiful location on the NSW border.

J & B.


Dumaresq River, Texas, NSW - April 2014 at Sunset.

Yellow-rumped Thornbill at Texas, April 2014

unsure on this one?

Water-hole at Texas, NSW, on sunset.

Pale-headed Rosellas on the side of the steep riverbank at Texas.

Beautiful old hollow tree

Old Tobacco Huts at Texas

Female Varied Eggfly Butterfly at Texas, NSW, April 2014.

Heading home - back to the Qld side of Texas.


  1. Hi Judi, your unidentified bird looks like a Rufous Whistler.

    1. Thankyou John! I am not very good at identifying the female whistlers. Thanks, that is great.


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