Nielsen Park Bushland Reserve, Toowoomba

Nielsen Park is located in Middle Ridge, Toowoomba and can be accessed from Tarlington Street or Colman Drive.  I visited the park this morning briefly for a quick walk through a small section of the reserve to get acquainted with the area, I plan to return soon on a day with better weather and when I have more time available to really explore this beautiful area.  The Eastern Whipbirds could be heard along with the chatter of Rainbow and Scaley-breasted lorikeets.  I saw two Eastern-Yellow Robins, but wasn't quick enough to get a photo.

Nielsen Park, Middle Ridge, Toowoomba.

Entrance to one of the walking tracks at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba.
Memorial Plaque at Nielsen Park, honouring the Nielsen Family who donated the bushland reserve.

Nielsen Park Entrance on Tarlington Street, Toowoomba.

Some background information on Neilsen Park (information thanks to Toowoomba Field Naturalists Group)  The original 3.25 hectares (8 acres) block was donated by 97 year old Mable Nielsen in 1990 to the State Government with Toowoomba Regional Council acting as trustee as long as the land is utilised as a park. In 2005 two more blocks to the north were acquired making the park a reasonable bushland reserve. The park contains some of the oldest trees in Toowoomba and also part of the old bullock trail up the range.

The Friends of the Escarpment Parks Group conduct monthly weed maintenance at Nielsen Park to help contain any environmental weeds on the third Sunday of of the month. More info here if you would like to be involved...

Bird-feeders & Bird Houses hanging on the edge of Nielsen Park.

Sap bite marks in a tree at Nielsen Park most likely from Sugar Gliders.

Laughing Kookaburra at Nielsen Park, Middle Ridge, Toowoomba.

There were a number of large boxes installed at Nielsen Park that look suitable for microbats.

Beautiful Native Wombat Berries at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba
Google Maps Image showing the location of Nielsen Park. I note that this image is rather old and most of the surrounding housing development land has now been built on.

We look forward to returning to Nielsen Park very soon for a thorough walk through and hope to share a lot more photos of the wildlife seen in this beautiful bushland reserve.