Nielsen Park on Fathers Day

We visited Nielsen Park in Toowoomba on Fathers Day to get better acquainted with the area before we lead a tour group on a night-time wildlife spotting tour with the Friends of Escarpment Parks later in the month.
During our visit we witnessed many bird species and saw plenty of evidence of resident bandicoots, echidnas and sugar gliders.  We were really impressed with amount of natural tree hollows for wildlife within this park and truly amazed at the diverse range of creatures living happily here in the middle of suburban Middle-Ridge.  The park has good quality flat walking tracks and doesn't take long to walk throughout the area.  We would definitely recommend this bushland park for those interested in seeing a wide range of bird life, in an area that is easy to access.  We recommend parking at the end of Coleman Drive to access the park easily.

B & J

Lewins Honeyeater at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba 7/09/14

The "boys" at Nielsen Park

A handsome Laughing Kookaburra with a great tree hollow in the background at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba, 7/09/14

Eastern Yellow Robin at Neilsen Park, Toowoomba 7/09/14

Grey Fantail at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba
Pretty Yellow Flower of the "Ochna" aka "Mickey Mouse Plant (Ochna serrulata) Environmental Weed

Fruit of the "Ochna" or "Mickey Mouse" Plant (Ochna serrulata) Introduced to Australia from Africa in the 1900's, Ochna has been widely planted in Australia as a garden ornamental. Birds spread this plant into bushland where is forms dense thickets that are hard to remove. 

Vibrant Fruit of the Ochna "Mickey Mouse" Plant (Environmental Weed)

Currawong at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba, 07/09/14

Lewins Honeyeater at Nielsen Park, 07/09/14

Noisy Miners, doing what they do best.. stirring up something living in this tree hollow at Nielsen Park

Many-flowered Mat Rush (Lomandra Multiflora) Flowers at Nielsen Park, 07/09/14.

Hmm.... wonder where he gets this curiosity from??  Master C, Checking out a large hollow at the base of a tree at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba.  

Laughing Kookaburra in a Bunya Pine Tree at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba, 07/09/14

Although they are a garden escapee, I couldn't resist taking a photo of these beautiful Violets flowering at Nielsen Park, Toowoomba.