Lake Maroon 01/10/14

Lake Maroon,  South-East Queensland 01/10/14

We took a day trip to nearby Lake Maroon, a Dam created across the Burnett Creek in South-East Queensland. Unfortunately at our visit the wall area was closed due to maintenance works, however we drove around to the other side of the dam which is mainly used for watersports and fishing to take a look around.  We visited late morning and the heat was rather intense, hence the wildlife spotting was minimal, however the dragonflies and damselflies were beautiful.  The outlook from the edges of the dam is quite nice with the surrounding mountains, including Mt Maroon and Mt May and waterlilies lapping the edges of the lake, however for day visits, the dam didn't appeal to us as much as other ones we have visited in South-East Queensland, however it is always good to visit somewhere we haven't been before.

J & B

Mt Maroon in the background of Lake Maroon 01/10/14
Dragonflies at Lake Maroon 01/10/14

I have recently begun to learn the names of dragonflies and damselflies so you can expect more photos of ones in the future as I try and determine their id's. I loved these ones on lily pads at Lake Maroon 01/10/14

Eurasian Coot at Lake Maroon, 01/10/14

Spur Velleia in flower at Lake Maroon 01/10/14