Koalas doing it tough in the drought

So you think your life is hard??  Try being a Koala trying to survive in the drought in the Darling Downs!! The extreme drought and heat wave has dried what suitable gum leaves there are for Koalas to eat and the continued land clearing and road-verge clearing has forced Koalas to have to travel on foot for long distances to reach the next food source or a rest tree, putting them at high risk of predators like wild dogs, domestic dogs, being kicked and tossed by inquisitive cattle, being caught on barbed wire fences and mostly hit by cars when crossing the roads.  If you think that this doesn't happen, sadly you are mistaken. In the Geham area where this koala was spotted it is common for Koalas to be hit on the highway on a regular basis, despite installed koala crossing signage, they are often left for dead.

The plight of the Koala in the Darling Downs is an ongoing challenge for those doing their best to ensure these animals survival.  This Koala was spotted in a very dry gum-tree at Geham on the 19th of November in a paddock.  As you can see from the photo showing the full size of the tree with the Koala in it, it offers little shade and very little food due to its wilted leaves.  Fingers crossed this one can make it.

J & B.

Koala high in the tree tops of a brown gum tree at Geham, 19/11/14 in the drought.

Can you see me?  Koala high in this dried out gum tree at Geham, Qld.  Note the terrible conditions.


  1. From here in the UK it is hard to believe your description of the suffering of this iconic Australian animal. Such a terrible shame. I hope that conservationists can win the battle against the concrete monsters.

  2. How sad. I hope efforts are being made to preserve their habitat.

  3. Hope he does Ok - we had similar problems down here, but we have had better rain over the last few years. It seems that the dry in Queensland is going unnoticed in some places.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  4. We were shocked at how bad the drought is in the Darling Downs when we went there recently. Sadly we stopped for a koala that had been hit by a car but it was very dead.


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