Green Catbird at The Palms National Park at Cooyar 01/01/15

We have had The Palms National Park on our "to visit list" for a few years now, but after recently reading a wonderful blog article written by Robert Ashdown on the history and current status of the park, we moved it to the top of the list and chose to visit it on New Years Day 2015.

The Palms National Park is rather small in size compared to most national parks, however it does not decrease it's value and content.  The park is an unexpected sight amongst surrounding cleared farm grazing land.  On the day we visited, it was overcast and the sounds of thunder threatened rain, which made for a cooler climate to walk though the park, but lessened the amount of wildlife that we saw.   We were however thrilled to see two newbies for us which were the beautiful Green Catbird and the Spectacled Monarch. There were The Grey-headed flying foxes were entertaining to watch and the walk through the National Park was picturesque with plenty of flora to see.

The Palms National Park, Cooyar 01/01/15

The Palms National Park, formerly known as Boldery Park at Cooyar, 01/01/15

The Palms Circuit walk through the Palms National Park 01/01/15

Palms National Park 01/01/15

Green Catbird at Palms National Park 01/01/15

Green Catbird, making it's characteristic sound, at Palms National Park 01/01/15

Spectacled Monarch

We noticed a few of these tiny nests while walking through the park.

Forest Floor berries at Palms National Park.

Palms National Park 01/01/15

Palms National Park 01/01/15

Palms National Park 01/01/15

Bunya Nuts on the forest floor at Palms National Park 01/01/15

Palms at the Palms National Park 01/01/15

Moreton Bay Fig (Ficus macrophylla) at the Palms National Park 01/01/15

The top of Moreton Bay Fig at Palms National Park

We saw a few of these medium sized skinks at the Palms National Park, but I am not certain on the i.d. Any help from those more knowledgeable would be greatly appreciated. 

While siting at the picnic table, our son spotted this Jumper Ant (Myrmecia nigrocincta) jump from a nearby tree onto the table holding onto a bee that it had caught.

Lewins Honeyeater feeding on flowers of the Lacebark Kurrajong, at Palms National Park 01/01/15
Grey-headed Flying Fox at Palms National Park 01/01/15

Water Spider (Dolomedes sp) at Palms National Park.