Bowenville Reserve 07/06/15

Bowenville Reserve is a hidden gem on Oakey Creek near the small rural town of Bowenville, South-East Queensland. We had heard how nice this area was, but hadn't visited until yesterday.  The reserve is quite large and allows camping and fishing, with a large number of camp sites available, amenities and very tidy and well looked after grounds.  Oakey Creek's edges are lined with trees and there is easy access to the water for fishing.  On our visit we had a walk around the creek's edge and had a look at the camping areas for future reference. An Azure Kingfisher was spotted during our walk along with a sleeping Tawny Frogmouth, Pacific Black Ducks and Black Kites flying overhead to name a few.  Although the reserve is surrounded by cleared farming land, it seems to be a refuge for wildlife and would be a good spot to camp and get back to nature. I do note that it looks like dogs are allowed at the camp site and there were several large dogs running around freely while we were there, and this could hampen the chance of seeing wildlife and ones camping enjoyment should one encounter similar campers during their visit.

J & B

Oakey Creek, Bowenville Reserve, Qld 06/07/15

Bowenville Reserve

Tawny Frogmouth at Bowenville Reserve

Pacific Black Duck, Bowenville Reserve

Entry Signage and camp grounds at Bowenville Reserve, Oakey Creek. 07/06/15


  1. Bowenville Reserve is on our to do list. We usually stay in national parks so we don't encounter dogs very often, however, lots of people travel with them and stay in free or budget camp grounds so no doubt we will soon find out how this affects our wildlife viewing.


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