A Day at Mission Beach

26th September 2015

We spent the day at Mission Beach (South of Cairns) for World Cassowary Day 2015 (see post here).  It was a great opportunity to have a look around and enjoy the beautiful tropical surroundings. Mission Beach is a popular tourist spot, with wide beaches, blue waters and rainforest surrounding the town.  The weather was rainy when we visited, but it didn't distract us from appreciating how beautiful the seascape was.

We can't wait to go back again soon - and are told that April is the ideal month to visit for tourists wanting to do outdoor activities.  We were rather busy taking in the festivities of the day and didn't have much time for nature watching, but we did see some beautiful Bar Shouldered Doves, Figbirds (northern race), and White-breasted Woodswallow's.

We visited Lacey Creek for a long bush walk through the rainforest at the end of the day.  (see post here) before heading back to Cairns.

J & B

Mission Beach 26/09/15

Mission Beach 26/09/15

Mission Beach 26/09/15

Bar Shouldered Dove at Mission Beach, 26/09/15

Male & Female Figbird's at Mission Beach, 26/09/15

Master C found a tiny Crab on Mission Beach 26/09/15

Grays at Mission Beach 26/09/15