View from Henry Ross Lookout, Kuranda Range

25th September 2015

The scenic Henry Ross Lookout is located at the Kuranda Range road's highest point, at an altitude of 430 metres.  The lookout is named after the foreman in charge of building the road in 1939's. The lookout provides panoramic views of the Coral Sea, Cairns and it's northern beaches.  It is a popular stop for tourists and can be rather busy and trickly to cross over to when heading up to Kuranda.  
On the day we visited, the view was slightly hazy, so the photos of the coral sea aren't so clear.

J & B

View from Henry Ross Lookout (looking towards Cairns on the far right) on the way to Kuranda, North Qld, 25/09/15

View from Henry Ross Lookout on way to Kuranda, North Qld. 

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