Aussie Backyard Bird Count Charmaine Crt Highfields

26th October 2015

Aussie Backyard Bird Count 2015 - Charmaine Court Reserve, Highfields

Male Australian King Parrot at Charmaine Crt Dry Rainforest Reserve, Highfields, Aussie Backyard Bird Count 26/10/15

The Aussie backyard Bird Count, run by Birdlife Austraila, gives you 20 minutes to record the number of bird species that you see in one location or a "backyard".  This event runs for a week and is now in it's second year.  I had a look at the local sightings map and was a bit dismayed at the lack of lists submitted in our local area, so I went this morning to record sightings at a few important birding hot spots in the area.

The list below is from Charmaine Court Bushland Reserve, Highfields.

  1. Galah
  2. Spotted Dove
  3. Striated Pardalote
  4. Australian Magpie
  5. Noisy Friarbird
  6. Crested Pigeon
  7. Australian King-Parrot
  8. Weebill
  9. Rainbow Lorikeet
  10. Brown Honeyeater
  11. White-browed Scrubwren
  12. Silvereye
  13. Noisy Miner
  14. House Sparrow (on edge of reserve)
  15. Common Myna
  16. Magpie Lark (seen just after the 20 minutes was completed)
I have to mention as well as birds, the enormous number of butterflies that I saw in this little patch of remnant dry rainforest.  I wasn't quick enough to photograph any of them but the few that I could identify are as follows:
  1. Lesser Wander
  2. Orchard Swallowtail
  3. Blue Triangle
  4. Caper White
  5. Glasswing
  6. and plenty of others that I didn't know the names of unfortunately.  
I haven't visited this little patch of dry rainforest for a while, and it was evident how busy the Friends of the Escarpment Parks have been, working at removing the overwhelming amount of asparagus vine from the reserve, it is looking a lot better.

If you plan on visiting this little patch of bushland, I advise parking on the eastern side of the park and entering from that side, as otherwise your visit will be ruined by the large dog that barks continuously in the yard of the yellow house on the western side that joins the western boundary.


Brown Honeyater, Charmaine Crt Dry Rainforest Reserve, Highfields 26/10/15

Male King Parrot feeding juvenile at Charmaine Crt Dry Rainforest Bushland, Highfields 26/10/15