Ravensbourne National Park

05th October 2015

Ravensbourne National Park, Ravensbourne, South-East Queensland

Midday walk through Ravensbourne National Park, wasn't the best time to see birds, but there were plenty of Lace Monitors, venturing out of hibernation to view, along with beautiful flora.

B & J

Piccabeen Palms in Ravensbourne National Park

Rufous Fantail, showing how he got his name
Bar-sided Skink – (Concinnia tenuis)

Some of the beautiful fungi at Ravensbourne National Park

Brown Cuckoo Dove Pair - Ravensbourne National Park

Bar-sided Skink – (Concinnia tenuis)


  1. Great post - I'd love to get some shots of the monitors. My last trip into Central Australia (where I may find some!) was in winter, so they were all tucked up somewhere.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    PS: my slowness to comment and visit has been caused by a trip to an island in the Pacific!


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