Elusive Major Skink (Egernia frerei)

13th November 2015

Major Skink (Egernia frerei) at Ravensbourne

Until today, this Major Skink (Erernia frerei) has remained elusive.  Each day at work when I walk past a particular part of the garden of banana trees, I hear a rustling in the leaves and get a quick glance at a reptile ducking under the tree roots and dry leaf litter.  Today, I was lucky enough to finally get a good sighting of my little friend and luckily had taken the camera so managed a couple of photos to help with an i.d.  This "Major Skink" is around 180mm in length, fairly large, but not as big as the local Blue-tongued lizards.  

They are known to shelter in hollow logs, rock crevices and burrow under thickets and tree roots. They are shy lizards that are active during the day and can be found from rainforest edges to dry forests and woodlands.


Major Skink (Erernia frerei) at Ravensbourne, South-East Qld.

Major Skink (Erernia frerei) at Ravensbourne, South-East Qld.


  1. Well done on finding it at last! Gorgeous photo - I hope he sticks around for more!!


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