Australia Day at Muntapa Tunnel

26th January 2016


Australia Day 2016 was spent exploring the Muntapa Tunnel - the Longest man-made railway tunnel in the southern hemisphere (287m long). Completed in 1912, and now home to thousands of tiny Bent-wing Bats. This tunnel was hand-dug through the great-dividing range and only took 13 months to complete - an amazing feat! The men worked while their wives and children camped onsite, in the middle of nowhere. A small school was even erected for the time. What hard work that would have been - they made them tough then!

Fantastic place to visit and worth the drive.  The grounds have plenty of interpretive signage,history, fauna & flora & shaded picnic areas and toilet facilities.

Photos by Judi & Kiri

Muntapa Tunnel photographed by K Gray

Bent-wing Bats flying around in the centre of the Muntapa Tunnel, 260116

One of the bats was on it's own, away from the others... I wondered if it was unwell, as this seemed like strange behaviour.

Muntapa Tunnel

The 'ceiling' of the Muntapa Tunnel
Muntapa Tunnel (Photo by K. Gray)

Beautiful Butterfly at Muntapa, by K. Gray