Channel-billed Cuckoo's at Cabarlah

7 November 2016

While visiting a friend at Cabarlah, I witnessed two Channel-billed Cuckoo's land high in the tops of the large gum a silky-oak trees on the property.  I have been seeing and hearing these magnificent birds for a few weeks now, predominantly about 5.30 in the morning at our place, flying over-head with crows hot on their tail feathers, making sure they stay away.  My friend said that the Channel-bills have successfully laid their eggs in the Pied Currawong nest over many years at her property and she has witnessed the currawongs feeding these extra large demanding babies.

The photos aren't very clear as I only had my little 'point and shoot' camera which is a little rain damaged on hand, but I couldn't resist trying to capture their majestic stature while stopped for a short while.


Channel-billed Cuckoo, Cabarlah 7/11/16

Channel-billed Cuckoo, in a flowering Silky-Oak Tree, Cabarlah 7/11/16


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