Birds of Central Australia, Northern Territory

23 September 2016

A week spent in the Northern Territory during Spring, was fantastic, and we saw some amazing birds during our time, including the Crimson Chat & Major Mitchell Cockatoo.  A few other lifers included the Red-backed Kingfisher, Little Woodswallow and Black Honeyeater.  This post is a collection of the photos we managed to take of various birds in the red-centre during our visit.

Full bird list and more photos to come...

J & B.

Red-backed Kingfisher at Uluru, N.T. 18/09/16

Budgerigars feeding their baby in nesting hollow at Hermannsburg, N.T. 21/09/16

Australian Ringneck Parrot at nesting hollow at Alice Springs N.T. 21/09/16
White-plumed Honeyeater at Yulara N.T. 17/09/16
Male Zebra Finch posing perfectly on the base walking track around Uluru, 18/09/16
Female Zebra Finch, Uluru, 18/09/16
Captive Emu at Curtain Springs, N.T. 20/09/16
Red-kneed Dotterel  (bottom right) at Palm Valley, Finke Gorge National Park, N.T. 21/09/16
Little Woodswallow at Uluru, N.T. 18/09/16


  1. beautiful birds you captured. I did even see the red-knee dotterel :) A bird I actually had the pleasure to see when I visited Queensland :)


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