Radjah Shelducks at Cairns Botanic Gardens

5 October 2018

We visited the Cairns Botanic Gardens on the outskirts of Cairns late afternoon during our 2018 family trip to Cairns.  We hadn't visited the gardens before and I had wanted to add a few more "free things to do" to our list and thought we would go for a look... well we weren't disapointed, in-fact I would put it to the towards the top of the list of places to visit in Cairns if you are interested in wildlife, plants and natural beauty.  It was spectacular and we saw a large amount of birds, wildlife and spectacular flowers galore.  I was thrilled to see Radjah Shelducks for the first time and they had a little duckling with them - which was just gorgeous!

Cairns Botanic Gardens has a variety of different gardens and lakes to visit, easy walking paths and plenty of parking available.

more photos to come for this post...

Radjah Shelduck pair and duckling

Radjah Shelduck pair and duckling

Stunning flowers at the Cairns Botanic Gardens

Pacific Baza high in the tree tops at Cairns Botanic Gardens keeping an eye out on down below.