Tour of Saint Helena Island (Ex-Convict Prison) 04/05/12

A tour today of Saint Helena Island, in Moreton Bay off Manly, Queensland, was a fantastic experience.  Saint Helena Island was used as a maximum security prison for Men from 1867.  St Helena is located in Moreton Bay 5 km from the mouth of the Brisbane River and about 8km north-east of Manly. The area of St Helena Island (166 hectares) was once "rainforest" like vegetation.  This was considered of little value and was extensively cleared for timber usage at the convict colony.  Patches of large trees remain, but is hard to imagine what it once would have looked like.

The Island is now a National Park and it is huge Heritage significance.  Old Buildings and the grave yards are a grim reminder of the sadness that once existed at this beautiful island.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and would recommend it to others.  You can find more information HERE.

This post is just of the landscapes and buildings.  I have created a separate post for my bird and wildlife photos from the Island.  View them HERE.


Green Island, Queensland

Approaching the Jetty at St Helena Island

The Jetty at Saint Helena Island

St Helena Island's Convict Swimming Pool, Crested Terns & Pied Cormorants resting ontop.

St Helena Island

Convict Blacksmith Building at St Helena.  (N.B. the wallaby in the doorway)

Blacksmith Building at St Helena

Stone Walls at the Colony

Saint Helena Island 04/05/12

Convict Artwork on the internal wall, created with Lime

The Old and the New (St Helena Prison with Brisbane City in the Background)

Convict Kitchen/Bakery

Pile of bricks beside the convict kitchen/bakery at St Helena

Convict Kitchen/Bakery

St Helena Island Landscape

Original Lock and Cell Door at St Helena

Restored Original Cell Door at St Helena Island

Massive Inground Tanks at St Helena Island.

Flowering Plants/weeds at St Helena Island.

Flock of Birds at St Helena

Warden's Children's Cemetery at St Helena Island.

Prisioners Cemetery at St Helena Island.  Only prison numbers are listed on their crosses, prisoners had no right to their name.  The crosses all face the bay overlooking brisbane, to enforce the fact that they were never going to leave or escape the island and signifying the freedom of the mainland that they had lost.

St Helena Island Convict Colony.

Jetty at St Helena Island

Goodbye St Helena Island...



  1. Looks amazing. Really like the skies up against that architecture too. Wonderful dimensions.

  2. Thank you, it was such a beautiful place, its hard to believe that there was so much sadness there at one time! There were many great photo opportunities and luckily the weather was perfect!


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