Toowoomba's Organic Gardens

A late afternoon walk through the Toowoomba Organic Gardens, during December, proved enjoyable and educational.  This community garden can be accessed at 22a Goggs Street, Toowoomba or walking entrance from West Street.  The Toowoomba Organic Gardens were established in 1996 and occupy two acres of Toowoomba Regional Council land in the centre of Toowoomba, not far from the CBD.  The gardens are open for viewing 7 days a week and interested people can join the TOGA organization and lease their own plot of land to grow fresh vegetables - a great initiative for those wanting to grow their own produce, who may not have the space at their own homes.  Volunteers meet twice a week according to the signs, Wednesday & Sundays 9am-12noon.

Our walk through the gardens found that the current vegetable and fruit plantings were quite extensive and looked in great condition, showing the volunteers have been hard at work. The signage and maintenance of the exterior of the grounds was a little tired looking however.  Other areas of the gardens include a Native Wildlife Garden and a Bush Foods Garden. There are many beautiful established trees within the park and a small pond in the native garden section.  Paved walking tracks wind through the park for easy access and garden viewing.  Parking is available in Goggs St but you will need to pay for a parking metre.  There is on-site parking available in the gardens which I presume is only unlocked for volunteers on their meeting days.  West St access is only by foot and there isn't any parking available.

For more information please visit the Toowoomba Community Organic Gardens Website.

Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014
Corn growing at the Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014

Some of the original "tired" signage at the Toowoomba Organic Gardens, Dec 2014.
Toowoomba Organic Gardens - Native Gardens & Bush Foods Section, December 2014.
Flowers in bloom at the Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014

Pink Lace Flower Trees in bloom at the Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014

Pink Lace Flower (Archidendron grandiflorum) December 2014

Large beautiful Blue Quandong (Elaeocarpus grandis) at Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014.

Citrus trees and nasturtiums at Toowoomba Organic Gardens.

Nasturtium Flowers at Toowoomba Organic Gardens - Dec 2014

Grapes at the Toowoomba Organic Gardens - December 2014

Raspberries at Toowoomba Organic Gardens, Dec 2014

Agapanthus in flower at the Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014

Having a bit of fun at the organic gardens.

Toowoomba Organic Gardens, work shed, December 2014.

Composting system at Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014

Goggs Street Entrance Signage for Toowoomba Organic Gardens, December 2014.


  1. Looks like a good place to go for a walk and remove some of that Christmas excess!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  2. Thank you for the information, Judith. I didn't know about this place. I must visit. Love the page header you have now!


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