Franke Scrub Remnant Bushland

15th March 2015

A walk through Franke Scrub on the western side of Highfields was most enjoyable late this afternoon. We watched Superb Blue Fairy wrens dart in and out of the thick scrub trees. Double -barred finches were a delight to watch and listen too, along with Brown Honeyeaters having a feed on the many flowering mistletoes within the area. Butterflies were out and about including many Orchard Swallowtails, Caper Whites, Common Crows and Small Grass Yellows.  We walked through the 'wallaby track' that cuts through
the centre of the bush and emerges on the north western side on the vibrant red dirt track, bringing with it, a complete contrast in landscape, with tree cleared grazing fields and new brick housing on either side.

A large Blue-younger lizard was seen basking in the storm water pipe of one of the nearby houses as we walked back to the car. The lizard quickly retreated back into the pipe as soon as I spotted it.

The Friends of Franke Scrub do an amazing job maintaining the weeds an d preserving the environment in this small patch of remnant dry rainforest scrub. Find out more about it's history and how you can help here:

It was good to get out and explore the local area for a short time this weekend. There is always so ,any places to see I your iwn backyard, you just need to step outside and discover them.
J & B

Double-barred Finch at Franke Scub.

Farmland surrounding Franke Scrub

The northern side of Franke Scrub