Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Highfields Falls, 29/05/2011

Fantailed Cuckoo

Fantailed Cuckoo

Scarlet Honeyeater

Scarlet Honeyeater

Musk Lorikeet's in Tree Hollow
A few photos taken by Brendon at Highfields Falls on 29/05/11 early morning.

Black-Shouldered Kite at Mount Tyson 6/05/2011

Brendon spotted this Black-Shouldered Kite at Mount Tyson, South-East Queensland on 6th May 2011.

Black-shouldered Kite at Mount Tyson, Queensland

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Ground Cuckoo-Shrike 21/05/11 South -West Toowoomba

21 May 2011

Brendon spotted this Ground Cuckoo-Shrike in South-West Toowoomba in a large fenced grassed lot early in the morning.  Luckily he managed to get a few distant photos with his small work camera.

Ground Cuckoo-Shrike, Toowoomba 21/05/11 Photo by B Gray.

Ground Cuckoo-Shrike, Toowoomba 21/05/11, Photo by B Gray.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Hamon Cove, Wivenhoe Dam, South-East Queensland 02/05/11

White-Necked Heron

Great Egret

Brahminy Kite, Norwell, Gold Coast, Queensland 02/05/2011

On a quick trip to Norwell at the Gold Coast this morning, I was lucky to see Birds of Prey a plenty!  Saw many Osprey in the distance and managed to get a couple of distant photos of this Brahminy Kite.  There were a few in the area - it was a sunny still weather for Autumn - Perfect for viewing these beautiful Birds of Prey.

Highfields Falls 26/04/2011