Monday, December 24, 2012

Eight Black Kites - Cranley, Toowoomba, 23/12/12

In the middle of the day today I was driving home on the back roads from Toowoomba in the area of Cranley, and I spotted numerous birds of prey on the powerlines and also circling above a road-kill hare.  I pulled over to have a better look and could count up to 8 birds in the vicinity of 100m.  Of course I didn't have my camera with me, so I drove home and decided to grab the camera and go back. Now usually this is where the story would end, however when I returned to the location the birds were still there!!  It was rather glary being the middle of the day and the birds moved quite swiftly while in the air, but I managed a few shots, enough to identify them anyway I believe.  Brendon did the research and decided that they are definitely Black Kites.  Their fork-tails were prominent while flying.   A great sight for the end of a great birding year.  J.G.

4 Black Kites in one photo - but I could see up to 8 at the location.


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Red-Rumped Parrot Pair - Meringandan Outskirts 25/10/12

I love these beautiful red-rumped parrot's and was pleased to see a pair at Meringandan in a patch of trees with many hollows in them.  In the past I have seen Rainbow-Lorikeets and the Red-Rumped Parrots in the nesting hollows and also Apostlebids and Grey-Crowned Babblers in the branches. Unfortunately in recent years the introduced  Common Myna's have taken over the hollows and the Starlings have many nests in the trees and its is rare to see the native parrots in the hollows any more.  The baby Myna's and Starlings were very loud, calling out  to their parents.  I have added a picture of a Common Starling with a large insect for its young, also taken in the same tree.  J.G.

Red-Rumped Parrot Pair - Meringandan Outskirts 25/10/12

Common Starling with large Insect for its hungry young. Meringandan Outskirts 25/10/12

Monday, October 22, 2012

"A Day In The Valey" - Garden Tour of Pilton Valley 21/10/12

Yesterday I went back to the beautiful Pilton Valley in South East Queensland, where I called home for the first half of my life.  I attended a very nostalgic tour of the area visiting many beautiful home gardens in the Stunning Pilton Valley.

While it was not a bird watching trip, I still saw quite a few beauties amongst the beautiful gardens and scenery.  They included:

Red-Rumped Parrots
Pale-Headed Roseallas
Little Corellas
Double Barred Finch
Striated Pardalote
Willie Wagtail
Australian Magpie Lark (Pee Wee)
Australian Magpie
Noisy Miner

Jacaranda Tree at "Avonlee"


Ravensthorpe - This is my favourite photo from this beautiful property.

While I thought this old building covered in this flowering plant was beautiful, the owner told me it is a dreadful weed called Cats Claw Creeper, and it is terribly hard to get rid of.  My Mother told me that it was a common plant in very old gardens.
"Casey Park"
I loved this "Barbed Wire Art" at Casey Park

Stunning Flowers at Casey Park, Pilton Valley

Beautiful Entry to Casey Park, Pilton

"Eastern Downs"

Old Branding Irons, now used as Garden Art at "Eastern Downs".
"Pilton Valley"
Kings Creek, Pilton Valley

An Old Beauty, Pilton Valley
"Wattle Brae Stud"
A few pictures from the immaculate Wattle Brae Stud at Pilton.

Southern Cross Windmill at Wattle Brae Stud, Pilton

Stunning Bouganvillia's in Flower at Wattle Brae Stud

Hand-made stone walls at Wattle Brae Stud.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Rottnest Island September 2012

All photos in this post are taken on an iphone during our visit to Rottnest Island - September 2012.

Quokka on Rottnest Island
Rottnest Island

Seagull missing one foot at Rottnest Island.


Quokka on the hop

One of the last Peacocks of Rottnest Island.

Quokka Footprints
Beautiful Wildflowers at Rottnest Island

These are a few iPhone photos from our trip to Rottnest Island, WA in Sept 2012.