Thursday, December 29, 2011

Royal Spoonbill - Yuan Creek, Upper Coomera, 28/12/2011

While taking a walk at Yuan Creek near the Coomera River, I took a few photos of this lone Royal Spoonbill resting on a branch over the water below.  Other birds seen on this walk included the Purple Swamphen, A Wood-Duck Family with at least 11 new ducklings and a dusky moorhen.  J.G.

Royal Spoonbill, Upper Coomera, 28/12/11

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

We visited the Maclagan Memories Museum at Maclagan, South East Queensland on 27th December 2011 on our way home from a day trip to the Bunya Mountains. The museum school building (which is full of memorabilia) was not open at the time we visited, however you can still walk around the museum grounds and view the old farm machinery and history on show.  The Quinalow Milk Express truck is worth seeing and is a great photo op for creative photographers (not myself).

A couple of links to some amazing images that I love of the Quinalow Milk Express Truck from professional photographers here:  "Rust Never Sleeps by Robert Ashdown"   "Quinalow Milk Express by Mark Davis Photography".

Maclagan Memories Museum can be found at Bunya Mountains Maclagan Road, Maclagan, Queensland.


Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

"Branding Iron Stamps" Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

1884 Jondaryan Court House at Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011
The original rusted Fargo Quinalow Milk Express Truck at Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

The original Fargo Quinalow Milk Express Truck at Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

The cute little original Rangemore State School Building at Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011
(Rangemore State School opened 17 March 1913 and closed 22 April 1962.)

Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

The remains of an Original 1890's "Alston Dot Windmill" at the Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

Maclagan Memories Museum 27/12/2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bunya Mountain's Fungi at Russell Park - 27/12/11

Here are some pictures of the various different types of Fungi I saw today at Russell Park at the Bunya Mountains.  All different colours, sizes and shapes - just beautiful. J.G.

Russell Park Bird Trail and walking Track to Carbines Chute - Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Russell Park Fountain, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Giant Stinging Tree, Russell Park, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Walking Track at Russell Park, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11
Carbine's Chute, Russell Park, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Russell Park, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Russell Park, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Russell Park Lookout, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Russell Park, Bunya Mountains 27/12/11

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Beautiful Water Lillies - Toowoomba 24/12/11

I couldn't resist taking some photos of these beautiful water lillies in Toowoomba.  24/12/11.  J.G.

Location:  Garden of Remembrance, South Toowoomba, Qld 24/12/11

Kookaburra catches a meal - Allora 24/12/11

Laughing Kookaburra

I noticed this Kookaburra while at the Allora Cemetery on the 24/12/11.  It had a recent catch, which I think was a Common Myna, as the nearby ones seemed rather upset!!  The Kookaburra landed in a nearby tree, but not for long, it took off with its prize.  I had the camera with me, as most times when I visit the cemetery, I often see some lovely birds.  We have seen Eastern Rosellas here in the past.  J.G.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Australian Brush-turkey at Cabarlah 24/12/11

Australian Brush-Turkey

Australian Brush-Turkey at Cabarlah 24/12/11

I spotted this Australian Brush-Turkey, digging up my friend's yard at Cabarlah early in the morning on the 24th of December 2011.  It had made a track right through the yard.  They frequent her yard and have had nests their in the past and have raised their young their over the years.    J.G.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Yellow-billed Spoonbill @ Kleinton 14/12/11

While driving home today I spotted this lone Yellow-billed Spoonbill on a neighbouring dam.  When I went to take a picture, it flew away into some nearby trees of course!  I havent seen one around here for ages! J.G.

Yellow-billed Spoonbill at Kleinton 14/12/11

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Long-billed Corella's in Highfields 01/12/11

Long-billed Corella's at Highfields, 01/12/11. Photo by J Gray.

One day last week when driving home from work, I spotted two Long-Billed Corella's in Reis' Road at Highfields.  I turned the car around to get a photo for evidence of this sighting, but alas, they had gone by the time I turned the car around.

My First sighting of a Long-billed Corella was on the 19th September 2006 and in the very same location on overhead powerlines. (See: Page 4 On that occasion I stopped and took some poor photographs of the birds and submitted a rare-bird report to the Toowoomba Bird Observers Club.  In the weeks after that sighting, my husband had sightings of the LBC in the same area.  My next sighting was of one lone Long-billed Corella that visited Jarowair with some Sulphur Crested Cockatoos on the 7th of October 2009.  (See:  I had not seen one since until this last week.

Such Funny looking Characters the Long-billed Corella's are!

Today when driving again along Reis's Road at Highfields I spotted a small group of Long-billed Corella's on the side of the road and I pulled straight over to get a few photos on my little trusty camera that I keep in my handbag.  On this occasion there were 6 LBC and they were on the side of the road eating the leaves of the flowering dandelions.  I was able to get a few pics, a few of the birds flew up on to nearby fence posts and I was able to get a few photos of them keeping still.  They are the most funny looking bird and rather ugly, but fascinating at the same time!  Great to see that this local population are still present.